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Posted by Laura Hemsley on Dec 7, 2020

Hugo Lift vs Steps and Ladders: The Best Alternative to Traditional Steps and Ladders

hugo vs steps

In the current climate, companies and organisations are adapting their safety culture to the ‘new normal’ of social distancing and increase hygiene requirements to help combat the spread of COVID-19 in the workplace. In this blog we look at how to adapt whilst improving efficiency by replacing steps and ladders.

Give your business a lift by improving safety and efficiency when working at height

One of the smartest ways to adapt is to gain efficiency when working at height is through traditional ladder usage by moving a two person job to a one person job using Hugo Lift. Hugo Lift enables employees to safely maintain social distance, whilst ensuring their safety by minimising the risk of falls and injuries. Another advantage is that it also provides a huge boost in productivity and efficiency, ultimately increasing your profitability.

Benefits of a vertical mast lift over ladders

Hugo Lift is a lightweight push-around access platform, suitable for nearly all repair and maintenance tasks which enables operators to work quickly and safely alone at heights of up to 4.2 metres. 

The HLS Hugo Lift is an ideal solution for replacing steps, ladders and podiums; It enables social distancing by removing the need to have a 2nd team member footing the ladder or keeping the workspace clear which frees them up to carry out other duties, therefore giving your productivity a lift. 

From an operator perspective Hugo is quick, safe and easy to use. Hugo allows the operator to carry tools and equipment conveniently in the height adjustable cargo shelf for when they are required. It’s easy to transport featuring a compact design which is ideal for the most cramped working environments and it can fit through a standard single doorway or lift. 

Hugo also has a number of additional safety features, including a foot break, floor level sensing, auto elevation breaking and auto locking platform gates. These features make it safe to use both hands whilst working at height helping to cut the time it takes to get the job done by as much as fifty percent.


Put to the test: Hugo Lift vs step ladders

We have created the following video showcasing Hugo Lift’s features to help you understand how the platform compares to step ladders when undertaking a routine maintenance task. In the short video the operator completed the work at height task in fifty percent less time using Hugo Lift less than using step ladders. 

In Summary 

Using the right work at height solution can help your business to overcome any safety and compliance challenges whilst boosting your profitability. 

For more information about Hugo Lift, download the spec sheet or speak to one of our work at height specialists.


Our team is ready to help any business or organisation to evolve their safety culture and increase their productivity when working at height. To speak to one of our team of specialists call 0113 287 8446  or email


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