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HLS can assist you to choose the correct course to suit your team's needs on any category at your site or one of our network of IPAF approved training partners fully equipped training centres across the UK.

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The International Powered Access Federation (IPAF) is the leading accrediting body and authority for mobile elevated work platforms (MEWPs). Over 100,000 people are trained each year to use MEWPs safely. There are a number of different categories available to be trained to either an operator or demonstrator level.

IPAF 3a MEWP Operator Training Course (1)

Mobile Vertical - Category 3a - Maximum 6 Delegates per day - 1 Day course

Operator training for mobile scissor lifts, stock pickers, vertical mast lifts, magic carpets and all other mobile vertical MEWPS. This type of equipment can be indoor or outdoor rated. Get in touch if you are not sure which category your equipment falls under.



Mobile Boom - Category 3b - Maximum 6 Delegates per day - 1-2 Day course

Operator training for mobile booms, cherry pickers, self-propelled booms and boom lifts. Mobile booms can be complex to operate and we may recommend a smaller course size or a longer course if the operators are novices.



Push Around Vertical - Category PAV - Maximum 16 Delegates per day - Half day course

Operator training for all types of PAV - Push Around vertical. The course takes 3.5-4 hours for a maximum of 8 delegates. We can also combine this course with other half day courses, please ask for further details.


IPAF-multiple- categories-image

Multiple categories - Maximum 4 Delegates per day - From 1 day courses

The most common combination is a 3a Mobile vertical and 3b Mobile boom course. This has a maximum of 4 delegates who have practical training and assessment on both categories of equipment.



Static Boom - Category 1b - Maximum 6 Delegates per day - 1-3 day course

Operator training for static booms, tracked booms, spiders and truck mounts. As this type of equipment can be very complex we often recommend a course longer than 1 day. This is dependant on the model of equipment and the experience of the delegates. Please get in touch for more information. Please ask for further details.



Harness Awareness and Harness User - Maximum 10 Delegates per day - Half Day course - Max 2 sessions a day

The IPAF Harness course instructs delegates on who is responsible for selecting and enforcing full body safety harnesses and restraint lanyards when using a Mobile Elevated Work Platform (MEWP). Please note: Delegates will need to bring their own harness and lanyard for the course for practical exercises.



MEWPs for Managers Theory course - Maximum 10 Delegates per day - 1 day course

This is a full day theory course designed for anyone who manages, plan or supervisors work at height. The course covers topics including regulations and compliance, selecting the right equipment, emergency procedures, pre-use checks and maintenance.



Off site training in all IPAF categories is also available based on a single person visiting a training center

All courses are also available at our training centre partners across the UK. Your local training centre will provide the MEWP you will be training on but delegates must come with all the appropriate PPE needed for the course.


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