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Posted by Jessica Wade on 16-Sep-2015 09:00:00

Achieving hygiene standards at height for manufacturers

One of the greatest challenges faced by manufacturers and health and safety managers is cleaning equipment at height. We all instinctively know that cleaning is important, for everything from food hygiene, to infection control cleaning is one of our most efficacious lines of defence. Cleaning covers a really wide variety of activities.

Despite its perceived low status, cleaning is a tough job, and sometimes dangerous; studies in the US showed cleaning employees had nearly twice the rate of injury claims compared with general service industry employees, with the most serious claims resulting from over-exertion and falls. The same study found that cleaners are exposed to numerous hazards including ladder use, lifting and carrying, and other risk factors for musculoskeletal disorders.

If we all accept that effective cleaning has major benefits for the environments in which we live, work, and learn then we need to work to raise the profile of the people doing that cleaning to give the job the credit it deserves. We also need to commit to looking for safer and ultimately more productive ways of working for cleaners to ensure the best possible health & safety outcomes, optimum efficiency, and improved motivation and retention. The benefits to employees, organisations, and the wider economy should be argument enough for even the most sceptical of people!



At Height Lift & Shift we help our clients to work in the safest and most productive way possible when carrying out tasks that involve working at height. Wherever something needs to be cleaned at a height above a person’s reach while standing on the ground we look to provide advice and support to help keep cleaning and maintenance employees safe and productive in their work.

If you like to recieve information on how could improve safety at height in your workplace please get in touch.



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