Niftylift HR17N narrow electric boom lift

HLS is a specialist provider of access platforms and other solutions for safe and compliant working at height – The Niftylift HR17N is available both new and used for sale, short-term hire and long-term lease.

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Niftylift HR17N narrow electric cherry picker working in narrow aisle

Niftylift HR17N

1.5m wide, narrow electric boom lift with hybrid options  >  Designed to give the maximum working height and outreach from the smallest and most lightweight base possible  >  Very versatile self-propelled articulating boom lift

  • Working height of up to 17m
  • Self Propelled, enabling you to drive the platform to the work area
  • For indoor and outdoor use
  • Easy to operate with simple controls for positioning and elevating, with fully proportional hydraulic controls
  • Very compact and lightweight, ideal for areas with space restrictions
  • Mains rechargeable battery pack powers both drive and elevation functions
  • Hybrid option gives both battery and diesel power options
  • Will drive up a 25% slope

Ideal for working at height in factories; facilities management; utilities; industrial facilities; leisure facilities; warehouses and stores

Niftylift HR17N narrow electric boom working outdoors

Niftylift HR17N - Quick specs:

  • 17m working height
  • 9.7m outreach
  • Lift capacity 225kg
  • Outside turning radius 3.5m
  • 1.5m wide x 4.93m long x 1.99m high (when stowed for transport) length increases to 6.4m when cage ready for operator
  • Driveable at full height
  • Weight 7,650kg (weight increases for hybrid option)
  • For both indoor and outdoor use, will drive up slopes of to 25%
  • 180 degree cage rotation, fly boom arc 150 degrees
  • Fully proportional drive speed up to 3.5 km/h
  • Anti-crush SIOPS system and Toughcage fitted as standard
Options include:
Hybrid power with battery pack and diesel or petrol engine  >  4 wheel drive model availabe

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