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HLS is a specialist provider of access platforms and other solutions for safe and compliant working at height – available new and used for sale, and for incorporated business also on short-term hire and long-term lease.

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Cherry picker Z-4525RT boom lift

Cherry pickers (mobile boom lifts)

Looking for a cherry picker for safe and compliant working at height? HLS offers a full range of mobile boom lifts – including telescopic, articulated and battery-powered models – from some of the world’s best-known brands.

Mobile boom lifts – commonly referred to as cherry pickers – are working at height solutions that reach out as well as up. Cherry pickers are ideal if you need to clear obstacles or access awkward areas, and most models can be driven while at height to avoid time lost raising and lowering the platform.

(Can’t see what you’re looking for? The term cherry picker is sometimes used also to refer to vertical lifts, scissor lifts and spider lifts. For more information, see our product range.)


What are the different types of cherry picker?

Telescopic boom lift S105 cherry picker

Telescopic boom lifts

Ideal for simple outreach work in areas where access at ground level is limited, a telescopic boom lift features a raised platform on an arm that extends both horizontally and vertically away from the base of the machine. Most telescopic booms are used outdoors and are diesel powered.

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Articulated boom lift Z-4525-DC cherry picker

Articulated boom lifts

For some tasks, it may be necessary to clear obstacles on the ground by reaching up and over rather than raising the platform in one direction. An articulated boom lift is ideal for confined spaces and sites that require a high degree of manoeuvrability. Both diesel and bi-energy models are available.

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Battery powered boom lift Star 10 mast boom

Battery-powered boom lifts (and mast booms)

For indoor work, a battery-powered boom lift provides low-noise, zero-emission access to hard-to-reach areas. Narrow base or narrow aisle models are also available, allowing ease of movement through internal doors and other confined spaces. Some smaller battery powered boom lifts are also referred to as mast booms.

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Track-mounted boom lift, SA22 spider lift

Track-mounted boom lifts

For work in demanding outdoor environments, or in atriums and other challenging indoor areas, a track-mounted boom lift offers excellent working height and outreach capability from a lightweight base. Also known as spider lifts these machines work well on uneven ground. Power options include diesel engine, lithium battery cell, or hybrid to suit your environment and needs.

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I need a cherry picker, how can I get one?

Cherry picker lease

Cherry pickers for sale, hire and lease

Whether you need your cherry picker for a few months or a lifetime, HLS can help. We offer a full range of  finance options for all incorporated organisations on our boom lifts, including long-term lease, hire purchase and contract hire, as well as the option to buy outright.

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