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HLS is a specialist provider of access platforms and other solutions for safe and compliant working at height – available new and used for sale, and for incorporated business also on short-term hire and long-term lease.

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Leonardo personnel lift working in food factory (industrial bakery)

Self-propelled vertical mast lifts (driveable)

Looking for a self-propelled vertical lift for safe and compliant working at height? HLS offers a full range of mobile vertical lifts – including mast lifts and personnel lifts – from some of the world’s best-known brands.

Self-propelled vertical lifts – commonly referred to as mast lifts, vertical lifts or personnel lifts – are working at height solutions that give straight up reach for working directly overhead or alongside the platform. Vertical lifts are ideal if you have floor loading restrictions and need a lightweight machine that can reach as high as a traditional scissor lift, self-propelled vertical lifts can also be driven while at height to avoid time lost raising and lowering the platform.

(Can’t see what you’re looking for? If you’re looking for a push-around vertical lift we do those too! If you want a push-around stock picker, check here, or for anything else see our product range.)


What are the different types of self-propelled vertical mast lift?

Push around scissor lift (PAV)

Simple mast lifts

Ideal for planned or reactive maintenance work in areas where a compact platform with high reach is needed. Most mast lifts are lighter than scissor lifts, and are therefore suitable for areas with floor loading restrictions e.g. sprung floors, or computer flooring. Mast lifts are very stable and provide a good working height to machine weight ratio. The lifts are powered by mains-rechargeable battery packs and drive with platform lowered or elevated. Many models have pull-out decks providing some outreach.

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Hugo PAV vertical mast lift coming out of passenger lift

Stock pickers

Stock-picking is a task that standard lifts don’t always suit, therefore manufacturers have specialist vertical lifts for stock-picking. The operator platform is smaller, making room for a cargo shelf on the front of the machine. Most shelves are height adjustable, to suit a range of products from small boxes to larger items. Stock-pickers drive when at height, improving efficiency as the operator drives along an aisle to the correct location without having to lower the platform to move to the next bay.

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I need a self-propelled vertical mast lift or stock-picker, how can I get one?

Self-propelled vertical mast lift leasing

Self-propelled vertical lifts for sale, hire and lease

Whether you need your driveable vertical mast lift or stock picker for a few months or a lifetime, HLS can help. We offer a full range of B2B  finance options on our boom lifts, including long-term lease, hire purchase and contract hire, as well as the option to buy outright.

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