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HLS is a specialist provider of access platforms and other solutions for safe and compliant working at height – available new and used for sale, and for incorporated business also on short-term hire and long-term lease.

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Optimum 8 self-propelled electric scissor lift

Self-propelled (driveable) Scissor Lifts

Looking for a driveable scissor lift for safe and compliant working at height? HLS offers a full range of scissor lifts – including electric, diesel and bi-energy platforms, big-deck all terrain machines, narrow-aisle scissor lifts and everything in between – from some of the world’s best-known and most innovative brands.

Self-propelled scissor lifts – commonly referred to as driveable scissor lifts or just scissors – are working at height solutions that offer a stable platform, simplicity and ease of use for straight up access. Scissor lifts are ideal if you are trying to reach heights of 5m or more, and need a no-frills access platform. Most smaller scissor lifts will fit through a standard doorway, larger machines often have folding guardrails to allow for passing through a double doorway. All-terrain models tend to be for outdoor use.

(Can’t see what you’re looking for? If you need up and out to reach over something take a look at our booms here, or if you want a machine to operate in an area with floor loading issues, see our self-propelled verticals or push-around lifts.)


What are the different types of scissor lift?

Compact small electric scissor lift - Optimum 8

Small electric scissor lifts

Ideal for simple tasks such as periodic maintenance of lighting, HVAC, or other overhead services, stock takes, or for construction or heavier maintenance work, a small electric scissor is a platform raised by a traditional scissor pack, powered by a rechargeable battery pack, the machine can be driven with the platform lowered, or when it is raised. This can reduce the time taken to do tasks as you can move from one work area to another without having to lower and leave the platform between.

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Hugo PAV vertical mast lift coming out of passenger lift

Diesel powered scissor lifts

Diesel powered scissors are popular for outdoor use on external building maintenance and construction. Diesel scissors tend to be larger than their electric cousins. The platform is raised by a scissor pack and is powered by a diesel engine. The lift can travel with the platform lowered or elevated, giving versatility for a wide variety of work sites. Some diesel-powered scissor lifts are also fitted with an electric engine, making them dual-fuel or bi-energy machines suitable for indoor and outdoor use – see below.

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Bi-energy scissor lift JLG

Bi-energy scissor lifts

Bi-energy or dual-fuel scissor lifts have the versatility of being powered either by diesel or electric, making them ideal for use on sites where both indoor and outdoor working are required, or where long distances need to be covered between work areas. Again, these platforms will drive with the platform lowered or with it raised which helps operators to fine-tune their positioning prior to starting a task. Bi-energy platforms come is all shapes and sizes to suit specific requirements.

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This is in use and should be the product name

Narrow aisle scissor lifts

Narrow-aisle scissor lifts tend to be powered by a battery pack and are specialist machines for use in high-bay warehouses. They tend to be quite high-reach machines, but have a narrow base to make working down narrow aisles easier. When considering a narrow-aisle scissor lift for maintenance, stock-picking or stock-taking it is important to check the turning radius as you need to ensure the lift can turn at the end of your aisles. Narrow-aisle lifts drive with the platform raised or lowered for maximum efficiency.

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All terrain scissor lift GS3384RT

All-terrain scissor lifts

All-terrain scissor lifts, also known as 4 wheel drive or 4WD scissors, are designed to be used on rough ground, e.g. on hardcore or unfinished building sites. Larger than other models, they feature additional pothole protection. All-terrain lifts are diesel-powered. Used in construction heavy industry, and for external building maintenance where the ground conditions around the building are not level and flat. The lifts will drive with the platform lowered and also with it raised, though speed is reduced when the platform is raised.

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Magic carpet - aka Compact 14 electric scissor lift

Flying carpet

No kidding! Often scissor lifts are referred to as flying carpets.

If the scissor lift you need isn't pictured here worry not, we have a full range of scissors, and can help you to specify the right one for your task, environment, and budget - either download the request form below and send it to us, or call and speak to one of our independent access experts.

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I need a scissor lift, how can I get one?

Scissor lift lease

Scissor lifts for sale, hire and lease

Whether you need a self-propelled scissor lift for a few months or a lifetime, HLS can help. We offer a full range of B2B  finance options on our platforms, including long-term lease, hire purchase and contract hire, as well as the option to buy outright.

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