Haulotte Star 8 and Star 10 mast lifts

HLS is a specialist provider of access platforms and other solutions for safe and compliant working at height – The Haulotte Star 8 and Star 10 are available both new and used for sale, short-term hire and long-term lease.

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Haulotte Star 10 doing point of sale in DIY retailer

Haulotte Star 8 and Star 10

Excellent manoeuvrability in congested areas  >  Narrow turning radius  >  Jib gives 3m of outreach outside the footprint of the machine

  • Working height of up to 10m 
  • Self Propelled, enabling you to drive the platform to the work area
  • Vertical jib gives excellent access to the work area, reaching out over fixed obstacles on the ground
  • Easy to operate with simple controls for positioning and elevating
  • Extremely stable platform, great for the comfort and confidence of the operator
  • Non-marking tyres are good for finished flooring
  • Mains rechargeable battery pack powers both drive and elevation functions
  • Low maintenance systems – saves you time and money

Ideal for working at height in factories; facilities management; utilities; industrial facilities; leisure facilities; retail; warehouses and stores

Haulotte Star 10 doing eaves maintenance work outdoors

Haulotte Star 8 and Star 10 - Quick specs:

  • 8.2m (Star 8) or 10m (Star 10) working height
  • Lift capacity 200kg
  • Outside turning radius 1.88m
  • Zero tailswing when turning from the turret
  • 1m wide x 2.7m long x 1.99m high with 10cm of ground clearance and built-in pothole protection
  • Drives at up tp 6.2m (Star 8) or 8m (Star 10)
  • Weight 2,610kg (Star 8) or 2,735kg (Star 10)
  • Vertical jib gives 3m outreach, and 130 degrees of rotation
  • Will drive up slopes of to 23%
  • Fully proportional drive speed from 0.6 - 4.5 km/h
Options include:
Power to platform  >  Flashing beacons  >  Motion alarm  >  work lights  >  Maintenance-free battery pack  >  Air line to platform

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View Haulotte's video introducing the Star 8 and 10 Vertical Mast Lift Booms

Looking for a bit of inspiration? Here's a few different shots of the Haulotte Star 10 in action

Haulotte Star 10 lift working in atrium
Haulotte Star 10 maintenance of fixed plant equipment
Haulotte Star 10 lift in narrow aisle retail
Haulotte Star 10 outdoor building facade maintenance
Haulotte Star 10 indoor industrial maintenance
Haulotte Star 10 simple proportional controls
Haulotte Star 10 working on overhead conveyor
Haulotte Star 10 lift being loaded with forklift

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