Haulotte Optimum 8 small electric scissor lift 

HLS is a specialist provider of access platforms and other solutions for safe and compliant working at height – The Haulotte Optimum 8 is available both new and used for sale, short-term hire and long-term lease.

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Haulotte Optimum 8 small electric scissor lift

Haulotte Optimum 8

Compact stowed height and narrow width means it travels through doorways with ease  >  Extending platform provides outreach  >  Driveable at full height

  • Working height of up to 7.8m
  • Self Propelled, enabling you to drive the platform to the work area
  • For indoor and outdoor use
  • Easy to operate with simple controls for positioning and elevating
  • Integrated forklift pockets for easy loading and unloading
  • Non-marking tyres are good for finished flooring
  • Mains rechargeable battery pack powers both drive and elevation functions
  • Low maintenance systems – saves you time and money

Ideal for working at height in factories; facilities management; utilities; industrial facilities; leisure facilities; warehouses and stores

Haulotte Optimum 8 roller shutter door maintenance

Haulotte Optimum 8 - Quick specs:

  • 7.77m working height
  • Lift capacity 230kg
  • Outside turning radius 1.5m
  • 0.79m wide x 1.9m long x 1.98m high (when stowed)
  • 8.7cm ground clearance reducing to 2cm when pothole protection is deployed
  • Driveable up to 5.77m
  • Weight 1,520kg
  • For both indoor and outdoor use, will drive up slopes of to 25%, and will elevate on slopes of up to 1.5 degress
  • Non-marking tyres are perfect for finished flooring
  • Fully proportional drive speed from 0.5 - 4.5 km/h
Options include:
Power to platform  >  Flashing beacons  >  Maintenance-free gel batteries  >  work lights  

  Download your Optimum 8 spec sheet >  

Looking for a bit of inspiration? Here's a few different shots of the Haulotte Optimum 8

Haulotte Optimum 8 travelling through single doorway
Haulotte Optimum 8 outdoors with pothole protection
Haulotte Optimum 8 scissor pack
Haulotte Optimum 8 working on roller shutter door
HLS very own Stuart on the Haulotte Optimum 8 electric scissor lift
Haulotte Optimum 8 small electric scissor lift
Haulotte Optimum 8 small electric scissor lift slide out tray
Haulotte Optimum 8 swivel castors

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