Genie aerial work platforms - AWP range

HLS is a specialist provider of access platforms and other solutions for safe and compliant working at height – The Genie AWP range is available both new and used for sale, short-term hire and long-term lease.

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Genie aerial work platform AWPS12

Genie's range of push-around aerial work platforms - the AWP range

The Genie AWP Super Series is one of the top selling aerial work platforms in the industry  > they offer excellent working heights, but retain compact dimensions for travelling between work areas

  • Working heights of up to 14.29m 
  • Push-around, the operator pushes the platform to the work area
  • Platform elevation is powered by mains or a mains-rechargeable battery pack
  • Single person lift, 159kg capacity (except AWP40s) in the platform is plenty for an operator plus their tools
  • Easy to operate with simple controls for elevating
  • Fits through a standard doorway
  • X-pattern outriggers are narrow enough not to interfere with work where the AWP is placed against a wall
  • Ultra-Narrow platform options fits through 600x600 ceiling tile
  • Optional narrow base for areas with very restricted access
  • Optional super straddle kit is ideal for maintenance of theatre lighting over rowed seating

Ideal for working at height in factories; facilities management; utilities; industrial facilities; leisure facilities; hospitals; schools and universities; retail; theatres

Genie lift AWP working on lighting in atrium

Genie aerial work platforms - AWP Super Series:

  • Between 8.12m and 14.29m working height
  • Lift capacity between 136kg and 159kg (1-person plus tools)
  • Standard base dimensions from 0.74m wide x 1.24m - 1.42m long  >  Narrow base dimensions 0.58m wide x 1.6m long (only available up to AWP30s)
  • Standard base working footprint (with outriggers deployed) from 1.55m x 1.35m to 2.26m x 2.06m  >  Narrow base working footprint (with outriggers deployed) from 1.63m x 1.27m to 1.83m x 1.52m
  • Choice of AC (mains powered) or DC (mains rechargeable battery pack) power
  • Machine weight from 299kg to 513kg (depending on specification)
  • Weight 1,233kg - 4,924kg (depending on specification)
  • AC power to platform as standard - plug your power tools in when elevated
  • Optional super straddle kit will provide up to 1.22m vertical clearance over fixed objects (e.g. theatre seating) - works on slopes of up to 6 degrees
  • Platform options include narrow and extra narrow options - ultra-narrow option will fit through a 600 x 600 ceiling tile
Options include:
Platform options  >  Base options >  Power options  >  super straddle kit  >  Descent beacon and alarm  >  Platform locating laser

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Looking for a bit of inspiration? Here's a few different Genie AWPs at work

Genie AWP with super straddle working over theatre seating
Genie AWP with super straddle working over theatre seating side view
Genie AWP working in a ceiling tile
Genie AWP working on lighting in an atrium
Genie AWP working the gym scoreboard
Genie AWP 20s being loaded into a van
Genie lift AWP25S
Genie aerial work platform AWP

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