Faraone Elevah 65 move/ picking

HLS is a specialist provider of access platforms and other solutions for safe and compliant working at height – The Faraone Elevah 65 move is a self-propelled vertical mast lift, available as a standard platform, or as a stock-picking platform, and is available both new and used for sale, short-term hire and long-term lease.

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Faraone Elevah 65 move in industrial setting

The Faraone Elevah 65 move self-propelled vertical mast lift / stock picker

6.5m working height self-propelled vertical mast lift configurable as either a standard plaform, or as a stock-picker  >  the stock picking model features a fully height adjustable cargo shelf for reduced manual handling and improved efficiency

  • Working height of up to 6.5m
  • Self Propelled, enabling you to drive the platform to the work area as well as moving between areas with the platform elevated
  • Compact size and weight allows easy transportation, the Elevah 65 move will fit through single doorways and fits in most passenger lifts
  • One-person platform
  • Easy to operate with simple controls for positioning and elevating
  • For indoor use only
  • Low maintenance systems – saves you time and money

Ideal for working at height in offices; shops; factories; data centres; Libraries, archives and stores; hospitals; schools and universities; museums and other public buildings

Faraone Elevah 65 move picking tyres

Faraone Elevah 65 move - Quick specs:

  • Up to 6.5m working height
  • Higly manoeuvrable - 1095mm turning radius
  • 0.78m wide x 1.28m long
  • 200kg capacity (1-person)
  • Will drive up a 15% grade slope
  • Weight 580kg - 605kg (depending on specification)
  • Mains rechargeable battery pack powers drive and elevation
  • Cargo shelf capacity (on picking model) 100kg


  Download the Elevah 65 move spec sheet >  

  Download your Elevah 65 move picking spec sheet >  

Looking for a bit of inspiration? Here's a few different configurations and uses of the Faraone Elevah 65 move / stock picker

Faraone Elevah 65 move overhead service maintenance
Faraone Elevah 65 move entry and exit is easy
Faraone Elevah 65 move general maintenance
Faraone ELevah 65 loading into van driving up ramp
Faraone Elevah 65 move with outreach extending platform
Faraone Elevah 65 move with outreach platform
Faraone Elevah 65 move picking entry and exit from the platform is easy
Faraone Elevah 65 move picking platform ans cargo shelf layout

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