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Posted by Jessica Wade on 29-Jul-2015 14:00:00

Why We Love Health And Safety (And You Should, Too!)


Every workplace, Factory, School and office will face health and safety risks. For most these regulations are followed and respected, although there are still many who over look the importance of these percautions put in place for our own safety. Read on for our top 3 reason why Health and safety is important to us. 

Today there should be no excuses for bad practice with the amount of resources readily available to organisations. Here are our top 3 reasons why Health and safety important to us:

1. Employers have a Moral duty keep employees safe. Whatever sort of business you are, there is always the possibility of an accident or damage to someone's health. Any work can expose workers to hazards; this could be anything from manually handling to working with dangerous machinery. Having legislation allows us to do our jobs safely and productivity, helping prevent avoid the distress that accidents and injury.

2. For Legal reasons it protects businesses from breeching laws. By putting in place the correct practice and culture towards health and safety it can reduce the risk of employees or businesses facing large legal costs.

3. Financial costs can be reduced - With well informed and trained employee's costs could be massively reduced for businesses, especially those working at height or with dangerous machinery. The costs of work-related injuries and illness can be substantial, along with numerous other costs such as Insurance costs, absences, Productivity costs, sick pay, overtime, loss of a contract, legal costs etc.


At HLS we believe safety and saving money come hand in hand. When an organisation invests in improved safety and productivity they do see the return they are expecting. By doing so this not only makes the workplace safer but also gives a peace of mind as an employer. For a responsible employer it is important to identify the most appropriate, and safest equipment for employees working at height; HLS go one step further by helping to deliver productivity benefits alongside safer working practices.

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