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Posted by Kate Langwick on Feb 11, 2015

Why Look for Alternatives to Ladders and Steps?

A lot of our customers come to us to help them come up with solutions to replace ladders and steps. But why? We've put a few of the top reasons in this post for you.


"We're looking to replace all of our ladders and steps..."

So begin a lot of our new customer conversations. But why?

In our experience the top motivators for organisations to look at this are:

  1. Reducing risk: Reducing risk has tangible financial benefits as well as numerous less tangible ones

  2. Demonstrating "corporate conscience"*

  3. Reducing the impact of employee health and wellbeing issues and improving absence and productivity levels

  4. Improving productivity

  5. Compliance with current HSE legislation and guidance

We could go on and on, and in all honesty we are probably a little biased. But the fact does remain that addressing how people go about everyday tasks in the safest and most efficient manner has so many benefits for organisations of all shapes and sizes, it is definitely worth a little management time.


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Kate Langwick

Kate Langwick - Our commercial director, Kate likes everything to run smoothly, she ensures our systems & procedures are robust, and looks after all the back-up work that allows HLS to keep moving forward.

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