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Posted by Ivelina Dulkova on 28-Apr-2016 11:59:52

Why Buy Leonardo Vertical Mast Lift on Finance?



Are you looking for a cost effective way to obtain access equipment and improve the safety and productivity of your site? From only £48 per week you can now have a fully maintained Leonardo Vertical Mast Lift. 

'Leonardo has so far been good and working well for us. We mainly use Leonardo for general building maintenance. Leonardo is great for working at heights up to 4.9m and can be easily transported to other locations. We would recommend Leonardo due to its versatility and ease.'

Bath Spa University

Asset finance's popularity is growing each year and more and more companies are adopting it to invest in the latest machinery and equipment. There was an increase of 21% in 2015, over the previous year, in purchases of this type of equipment through finance. 

Leasing has a number of benefits:

  • It’s cost efficient and you can purchase equipment on low monthly repayments 
  • You don’t need to pay the VAT upfront
  • You get a brand new machine delivered to you as fast as if you were buying it cash
  • At the end of the finance agreement you have a number of options to choose from
  • You get the opportunity to upgrade to the latest technology every few years rather than being stuck with outdated equipment
  • Ability to offset 100% of the rentals against your tax liability

 Download your Leonardo Asset finance guide>

Why Leonardo?

  • Durable: The Leonardo was originally designed for contractors and can be used in the toughest environments. Leonardo can be specified for indoor or outdoor use.
  • Easy to use: Manoeuvrable, compact and lightweight , the Leonardo can easily drive through standard doorways and fits in most lifts without the operator leaving the platform. 
  • Improves safety: The Leonardo improves safety and reduces risk to both employers and employees by replacing ladders, steps and scaffold towers. With a capacity of 180 kg the machine also reduces the need of climbing up and down to load material.
  • Increases productivity: Leonardo gives you the chance to spend more time doing the job and less time setting up the access. Often two-person jobs can be completed by just one person using the Leonardo. 


About the Manufacturer 

Leonardo is the machine that helped Braviisol earn its name as a leader in low-level access. As a manufacturer they have always been focussed on improving efficiency and productivity. 


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