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Posted by Laura Hemsley on Mar 1, 2018

The progression of low level access equipment from ladders to powered access platforms

Why use powered access platforms? When is a ladder the best equipment to use for the job in hand?

Selecting the right access equipment is crucial for ensuring safety and efficiency as well as compliance with Health and Safety Regulations. But with a wide variety of work at height tasks to be carried out and equipment to choose from, it's not always obvious what is the right access equipment to select for the particular task. 

In this infographic, we have outlined some of the key benefits and risks associated with using each of the main types of low-level access platforms, e.g. ladders, platform steps, mobile and powered and non-powered access platforms.

The progression of Low Level Access Equipment (1).png

Need a lift finding the right product?

For further information on the most suitable access equipment for your business please contact our team or visit our product pages to read about the types of mobile access equipment we provide. 

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