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Posted by Jessica Wade on 06-May-2015 14:00:00

Is it time for a spring clean?

Summer is a time when that overdue cleaning can get done as companies either shut down or are quiet during the holiday season. Why not look at ways your business can work productively and safely at height when cleaning.

Are you shutting down for summer? Does your site need maintenance or cleaning?

In factories, warehouses and schools it may be simple tasks such as window cleaning, dusting or even changing lights. Each of these tasks require work from height, other businesses will have even greater demands for work at height, but these things are common to most facilities.

Industrial property can often be a dangerous place to clean and it can be hard to reach those high places for tasks such as servicing lights, cleaning machines, windows, walls etc. These large scale jobs may require specialist cleaning equipment, as some jobs demand more than just a pair of rubber gloves!

That's where Hugo comes in handy. Hugo can help you work at up to 4.2m reaching all those nooks and crannies safely and efficiently.  Hugo's storage bins can help you store cleaning products and materials conveniently for when they are required at height.

And if you're not totally convinced about buying an access platform such as Hugo why not try before you buy by renting one in? Companies normally commit to a term of 3, 6, or 12-months. A great way to get your cleaning done safely and keeping it cost effective.

If you want to plan ahead today please call us on 0113 287 8446 and speak to a member of team who will recommend the best solutions for your cleaning and maintenance needs




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