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Posted by Ivelina Dulkova on 12-Apr-2016 16:46:38

Why Buy HUGO Vertical Mast Lift on Finance?




Sometimes it’s not easy to fit in capital equipment purchasing into your organisation's budget or cashflow.

With the wide range of finance options that HLS offers, you can now have a Hugo Vertical Mast Lift, including ongoing maintenance (LOLER), for as little as £38 per week.  

We felt Hugo would be perfect for our site and believe HLS helped meet our working at height needs.

Marc Young

ESH Technician


We found it to be a safer solution to ladders, to help avoid any falls. We have found Hugo to be really helpful to retrieve products, to reach shelves and lighting. We also found Hugo helpful for events we hold.

Nic Rayner

Manchester City Library


Any kind of investment requires taking a certain risk; the risk of not knowing what the future holds for you. While you will never have the security of knowing what will happen in a month's or a year's time, asset finance can give you the security of knowing exactly how much is coming out of your bank account each month and in this way help you manage your finances more effectively. The low monthly repayments will also leave your existing credit lines unaffected. 

The use of finance to fund asset purchases has been rapidly growing in recent years and nearly one in three assets bought last year was funded via some form of asset finance.


Leasing has a number of benefits:

  • It’s cost efficient
  • You don’t need to pay the VAT upfront
  • You get a brand new machine delivered to you as fast as if you were buying it cash
  • At the end of the finance agreement you have a number of options to choose from
  • You get the opportunity to upgrade to the latest technology every few years rather than being stuck with an outdated piece of equipment
  • It gives you the ability to offset 100% of the rentals against your tax liability

 Download your Hugo Asset finance guide>

Why Hugo?

  • Versatile: Hugo has a fully height adjustable shelf, which means various loads are easily managed. There are a range of accessories available for shelf including tool bins
  • Easy to use: Lightweight and easy to move thanks to 4 glide wheel and steer system manoeuvres into difficult spaces. It is simple to charge and can be easily cleaned.
  • Improves safety: Reducing the use of ladders and steps improves safety and reduces risk to both employers and employees. Platform interlock technology means the gates won't open when the platform is raised - increasing safety
  • Increases productivity: Spend more time doing the job and less time setting up the access! Some two person jobs can be reduced to one by switching from ladders to Hugo
  • Reduces manual handling: Hugo himself is easily moved with minimum effort. Tools and materials can be carried by Hugo, not by the operative. No difficult step or ladder carrying and positioning. Safely move loads to or from height without climbing or carrying


About the Manufacturer

Vizstark is a Yorkshire based company that specialise in innovative product design and manufacturing of working at height and material handling solutions. 





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