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Posted by Jessica Wade on 19-Aug-2015 14:12:00

How to create a positive health and safety culture (Free Download)


Creating a positive health and safety culture can be a challenge. One of the big contributors to reducing risk or injury is to create a culture where by the whole workplace has the same shared values. 

According to IOSH there are three key elements to creating a positive safety culture:

  1. There should be working practices and rules in place for effectively controlling hazards
  2. A positive attitude towards risk management and compliance with the control processes
  3. The capacity to learn from accidents, near misses and safety performance indicators and bring about continual improvement.

Source: IOSH - promoting a positive culture

These key elements will only work if management lead from the front and encourage discussions on safety in the workplace. IOSH also states that the organisation needs to 'learn from what’s happening in the workplace. Only by analysing accidents and near misses is it possible to develop suitable improvements to safe working practices'. 


There are many factors to be considered when looking to improve health and safety culture. HLS have created a guide on how to improve the health and safety culture in your workplace, click the button below to download:

Download your creating a positive safety culture guide >

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