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Posted by Laura Hemsley on Jun 10, 2020

Case Study: managing COVID-19 risks and improving work at height safety and productivity

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Part of our weekly working safely during the coronavirus outbreak: Stay safe + protect each other = save lives

The challenge 

For a global provider of Facilities Management for multipurpose buildings across the UK, safety and compliance are of paramount importance when working at height. The introduction of new COVID-19 guidance for workplaces meant that everyday work activities needed to be reviewed to manage risks. 

Safety first: the prevention of falls from height and transmission of COVID-19

Selecting the right access equipment is crucial for ensuring safety and efficiency as well as compliance with Health and Safety Regulations. Pre-existing risks assessments were to be reviewed before any of the buildings could be reopened to employees and the general public. 

After a detailed risk assessment of all work at height activities were carried out in light of the new safety measures required to minimise exposure to COVID-19, the use of ladders were identified as being ‘high risk’. Ladders were used frequently for routine cleaning tasks and maintenance, often in public areas and usually undertaken in pairs, with one worker footing the ladder, therefore maintaining social distancing (2-metres) as advised within Government guidance would be problematic. 

A key control method was identified, which would be to find a solution where workers would be able to carry out two-person jobs single-handedly for frequent tasks, undertaken at low levels, indoors. 

Our Solution 

Hugo Lift was an ideal solution to enable safe social distancing as it requires one operator.  It’s designed to meet the work at height regulations by providing a safe low-level access platform for indoor use, therefore replacing the need for ladders. 

Hugo is a push-around vertical mast lift, often called a push around (PAV) or personnel lift. It’s compact and lightweight to allow easy manoeuvrability through narrow aisles easily fits through standard doorways or lifts. It can also be easily moved from location to location, including between floors in a multistory building.


Key Benefits 
  • Replaces the need for ladders and steps

  • Indoor use 

  • Compact and lightweight

  • Easy manoeuvrability through doorways, passenger lifts and narrow aisles

  • Move quickly and easily between floors in multi-storey buildings

The Result
  • Compliance with COVID-19 social distancing requirements 

  • Solution for tasks where the previous solution was not suitable

  • Compliance with HSE regulations and company safety requirement

  • A safer solution for working at height

  • Working at height risk-managed

  • Improved efficiency in carrying out working at height tasks

Additional benefits 
  • Increased productivity when working at height 

  • Downtime and business interruptions reduced

  • Positive safety culture

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