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Posted by Ivelina Dulkova on Jul 13, 2016

10 Benefits of Hiring Powered Access Platforms



1. It's cost effective:

Equipment can be expensive to buy and comes with a number of additional costs. With hire you have no large upfront outlay which can free up capital to be invested elsewhere. You also save on labour costs and don't have to worry about things like registration, depreciation, storage or repairs and maintenance. 

2. It's innovative:

You're given access to a broad range of the latest equipment, which is available to you almost immediately. 

3. Allows you to meet temporary demands:

Even if you already have equipment on your site, when you enter a period of peak demand, you could find yourself needing extra pieces of machinery to keep up with the increased workload. The sensible thing to do in this case is to hire equipment in, if it's only needed for relatively short periods of time.

4. Gives you a chance to try out equipment before purchasing:

Hiring equipment that you are considering of buying is the perfect way to trial without any obligation to purchase.

5. You also get expert advice and guidance:

Our experienced consultants can always give you excellent advice on the right equipment for the job. Help and guidance with project planning is also available.

6. Saves you time:

Ensuring that your equipment complies with industry regulations means regularly carrying out servicing and maintenance procedures. When hiring equipment this is managed by the hire company and you avoid spending time and money doing it yourself. 

7. Gives you security:

You are safe in the knowledge that the machines you're hiring have been cleaned, serviced and tested. 

8. It could save you money:

Business hiring is fully tax deductible.

9. Gives you assurance:

Companies that supply lifting equipment maintain their machines and test them regularly, so that they are industry-compliant, which means that you will never have compliance issues on your site.

10. No storage demands:

You don't need to worry about storing the equipment when it's not in use. You can always send it back to the hire company and hire it back in when it's needed again.  


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