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Posted by Kate Langwick on Sep 14, 2014

Aircraft Steps - Save them for boarding planes!

 Aircraft steps / warehouse steps / engine steps, whatever you call them they certainly have a place in the arsenal of tools available for working at height. But often these bulky, fixed height steps are not the most user-friendly, most productive, or even the safest option. If you're using warehouse steps in an environment with fixed obstacles, or where you need to work at varying heights then read on, we may just have a neater, more flexible, safer solution...

In environments where there are fixed obstacles, such as in manufacturing  plants, plant rooms, even in some warehouses, these bulky fixed steps require some serious manual handling to get into position, ensuring they get under overhead obstacles, steer around ground level obstacles etc. Often they require two people to safely move them.

Then there's the fixed height issue; these are not ladders, they are not designed for people to work from the steps, they are designed for people to work from the top platform, and this presents its own issues, often sites will have to store multiple warehouse steps to provide the full range of working heights they require, this is a hugely inefficient use of space and can cause delays in getting to blockage clearances or urgent maintenance issues while the correct height set of warehouse steps is found!


LI replace steps and ladders (1).png

The Hugo Lift (more information here) manufactured in the UK by Vizstark and distributed by HLS is a great alternative with the following benefits (to name but a few):

  • VARIABLE HEIGHT - anything up to 4.2m working height, infinitely adjustable to ensure you are working at the correct, and safest, height for the task at hand

  • SMALL FOOTPRINT - the Hugo lift takes up very little floor space both while travelling to site, and while in use, one Hugo lift requires less storage space than one warehouse step but has the flexibility to replace multiple units

  • EASY TO MOVE INTO POSITION - Hugo only needs one person to push him, he has 4Glide 4-wheel steer making him easy to push or pull from any angle which means you can squeeze him into even the smallest spaces between fixed obstacles

  • SIGNIFICANTLY REDUCES MANUAL HANDLING - You can load all of your work tools and materials onto Hugo's adjustable height cargo shelf, and base cargo carrying area meaning you don't have to carry all that equipment to the work area, Hugo saves you time and reduces the impact of manual handling on your workforce

Hugo is an excellent solution for plants where warehouse steps are proving too cumbersome and inefficient, if this sounds like your plant then please get in touch today, we'll happily bring a Hugo to your site for you to assess.

Even if you think Hugo isn't right for you but you are looking at solutions for getting safely and efficiently to height then give us a call, we offer free site surveys and can help advise you on the best equipment for your specific site and applications.



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