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Posted by Kate Langwick on 04-Feb-2015 14:00:00

5 things you need to know about working at height

 5 useful points about working safely at height! (composed with reference to the UK HSE)

1. You should avoid it if you can!

2. "At height" can actually be below ground level, if you can fall from it, it's "at height"

3. Measures that do not require an individual to act in order to be effective, should take precedence over measures that demand action from individuals to work. For example, providing a platform with fixed guardrails would be a better measure than providing a restraint harness that required the individual to attach it to something

4. Ladders are good if you can maintain three points of contact for all but the briefest of periods, otherwise think again!

5. Regardless of what equipment is used to gain access to height you need to demonstrate competence, usually through training


If you or your company could benefit from some specific guidance on working at height safely, efficiently, and within the regulations and recommendations of the UK HSE then please give our team a call on: 0113 287 8446


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