Hugo Takes The Stage

The Hazlitt Theatre based in Maidstone is a beloved historic venue. Since 1955, it has entertained audiences with it's arts and performances.


During last year’s festive season at HLS, we hosted our Christmas competition, popularly known as Ho Ho Hugo. This was an exciting opportunity for the chance to enter and win one month’s free HLS Hugo Lift hire. With the festive season comes the task of hanging decorations and putting up lights, which can increase the risk of falls, especially when working on a ladder.  

Our solution for ensuring that these tasks are done safely and more efficiently whilst working at height is the Hugo Lift, an alternative and productive solution to steps and ladders. As a result of the competition, we were delighted to announce that the Hazlitt Theatre was one of the lucky winners.  

Hazlitt theatre 3

The Challenge

Located in the heart of Maidstone, the Hazlitt Theatre is a beloved historic venue that has been entertaining audiences for decades. However, like many theatres, it faced working at height challenges. The HLS Ho Ho Hugo competition provided an incredible opportunity for them to trial out new equipment that could provide a practical solution. 

The main challenges were: 

  • Space - Finding compact equipment that would provide access to restricted areas. 
  • Improving safety - Currently using ladders to carry out working at height activities and needed to find an alternative solution.   

Hazlitt theatre 5

The Results

The compact and versatile Hugo Lift proved to be a beneficial low-level access platform for the Hazlitt Theatre team. With a maximum working height of 4.2m, this enabled them to access high-level areas for painting walls, focusing stage lamps, and carrying out general maintenance activities. Its compact size, measuring only 0.73m in width and 1.17m in length, made it convenient and easy to maneuver through narrow doorways and corridors, while always ensuring the safety of the operator. 

Hazlitt Theatre 2

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