Improving work at height safety and efficiency for Amaray

Amaray is a leading global packaging designer and manufacturer with an extensive history of innovation.

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Amaray came to us with some very clear challenges and requirements for working at height in their Northampton facility

Key services delivered:
  • Hugo Lift

  • A bespoke design cantilever platform

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The Challenge

Amaray came to HLS for help in delivering an internal health and safety project. They had recently established an internal committee from engineering, production, health and safety, specifically to review working at height at their Corby manufacturing site.

The key objective was to improve working at height safety by introducing solutions suitable for the majority of tasks.

The main challenges were:
  • Space - restricted access
  • The unusual layout of machinery – congested work area with high-level maintenance tasks 
  • Non-conformance – the current process was time-consuming in set up for simple tasks


Our Solution

Amaray came to HLS to commission an onsite working at height survey.

The Survey and a risk assessment completed, we established four key areas requiring attention these were indicated within the final report, along with our suggested product solutions.

The four key areas were:

  • Gaining access to tops of machines
  • Isolation of valves in restricted areas
  • Space restriction around machines meaning the cherry picker was not suitable
  • Non-conformance for wearing a harness for quick jobs


Amaray's second priority was gaining access to robotic automation devices.

Their experience in maintaining this equipment was a real concern for the engineers. The working height was around 3m in a congested work area with limited edge protection. We demonstrated a bespoke solution, which was a compact mobile, push around, cantilever platform.

At 950mm wide and between 1,100mm and 2,000mm in length, the cantilever platform fits easily in-between machinery. The 900mm cantilever platform allows the engineer to gain access to the robot whilst maintaining full all-round guardrail protection without the need to over-reach. This can be manoeuvred and operated by one person with minimal disruption to the surrounding work area.


The Results

  • A safer solution for working at height
  • Working at height risk-managed
  • Improved efficiency in carrying out working at height tasks
  • Solution for tasks where the previous solution was not suitable


Feedback From Amaray

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