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Braviisol are a specialist low-level access manufacturer based in Ancona, Italy.  Their products are well known worldwide for their innovation and unique user-centred approach to development.

Braviisol started out as a ceilings and partitions installation company; their lead product, the Leonardo, was born out of their need to become more efficient during installations.  The main motivation of Braviisol has always been to improve efficiency and productivity for working at height, making Braviisol an ideal partner for HLS.  Having developed the first prototype Leonardo over 15 years ago Braviisol have undertaken a process of continual evaluation and development of the concept to create a full range of low-level access platforms. 

Braviisol manufacture platforms for a whole range of applications, including:

  • Mechanical & engineering works - installation and maintenance
  • Maintenance and cleaning
  • Specialist tasks - art conservation, deep cleaning, maintenance of production lines
  • These machines provide a safe and efficient tool for enabling access up to 6.6m in confined spaces, or areas of limited floor loading


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